K. M. Bates


News & Events

2019 has been a year of refocusing and rebuilding. 2020 is expected to be busy, chalked full of new releases and new content across the board. I will be updating and adding to my social media accounts to let readers and friends see what I am working on and what to expect for future releases. 

Just as a sneak peek…

Did you enjoy my short story “Even Without the Mistletoe” from the Meet Me Under the Mistletoe Anthology? Be on the lookout for a new Hometown Series release with these characters and more coming late Spring 2020. 

Are you a fan of the dark and steamy side of romance? August 2020 may offer just the sexy summer reads you are looking for with a mafia-style collaboration series to include stories from K. M. Bates, Kathryn Denman, Kassandra Klay, and Sophia Peony.

Check out my blog page starting in January for more!